Subscribe to the Office 365 Service Health Dashboard RSS Feed in Outlook

Subscribe to the Office 365 Service Health Dashboard RSS Feed in Outlook

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*UPDATE* We have deprecated the Service Health Dashboard RSS Feed. For service health updates, you can go to

Periodically, services in Office 365 may become affected by a number of things (network availability, regional network disruptions, upgrades to the service environment, etc). You can stay on top of these updates by subscribing to the service health dashboard.

  1. Navigate to Service Health Dashboard at

  2. Select RSS in the upper-right hand corner.
  3. Select the URL and copy it to the clipboard.
  4. Launch Outlook.
  5. Select File > Account Settings > Account Settingsā€¦
  6. Select RSS Feeds tab and click New.
  7. Paste in the URL that you copied to your clipboard and click Add.
  8. Click Change Folder if you want it to be delivered to another folder (such as Inbox or create a new folder).
  9. Click OK twice and Close.
  10. RSS Feed for Service Health Dashboard will be downloaded to the folder you specified.

Reader Comments

  1. Since this feature was discontinued then what are we supposed to use for Email notifications? has this been replaced by the o365 Admin app? can the app be configured to notify when those changes occur (Degraded, SErvice Restored, Restoring service, e,t,c?

      1. Why was this discontinued? Is there another way to get this feed information? I’m wanting to create a gadget in Service-Now so our IT Helpdesk can monitor O365 health status. This would be nice.

        1. If you have Systems Center Operations Manager, you can use the Office 365 management pack to pull the information in and then generate alerts and notifications as needed.

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