Update to the Office 365 Proxy PAC Tool

Update to the Office 365 Proxy PAC Tool

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I have updated the Office 365 Proxy PAC tool to allow selection of the US Department of Defense XML feed for proxy bypass configurations.

You can see previous updates for the tool:

Update to the Office 365 Proxy PAC tool

Updates to Office 365 Proxy PAC Generator

And of course, the updated tool is available on the TechNet Gallery, with a couple of other bugfixes that some people reported (invalid characters/smart quotes appeared in some versions of the file, which have been corrected): https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Office-365-Proxy-Pac-60fb28f7

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    1. Yes, I will be developing a new script to help people continue to consume this type of content, depending on how they want to process it. I have some other ideas cooking to update other types of devices as well, so look for updates on those in the coming weeks.

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