Update to the OneDrive for Business Admin Tool

Update to the OneDrive for Business Admin Tool


While working through an issue with a customer today, we needed to add some OneDrive sites to a retention policy.  No problem! Except for the part where no one has a list of OneDrive sites and the user interface doesn’t let you search or browse for them.

Oh, we can do this inside the OneDrive for Business Admin Too–wait, no we can’t.

[fingers of fury]

Yes. Yes we can now.

Using the new -ListOneDriveSites parameter, you can generate a list of all of the OneDrive sites in your tenant (or just the path to the OneDrive site for a few users–doesn’t really matter).

.\OneDriveForBusinessAdmin.ps1 -Credential (Get-Credential) -Tenant ems340903 -ListOneDriveSites -Identity adelev@ems340903.onmicrosoft.com,nestorw@ems340903.onmicrosoft.com -ListOneDriveSitesOutput 2018-10-04_OneDriveForBusinessSiteList.csv

The update, as always, is free to a good home and available at http://aka.ms/OneDriveAdmin.

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Reader Comments

  1. Thanks for the great tool.

    When I try to remove a folder on the OD4B of a specific user this error is displayed:
    The List Documents does not exist at site with URL …etc. (Line 522 and 526)

    I used the command:
    .\OneDriveForBusinessAdmin.ps1 -Credential (Get-Credential) -Tenant xxxxxxx -FolderToDelete “Shared with Everyone”-Identity “E-mail address User” -GrantPermissions

    The permissions are granted without any problem, however an action in a folder responses with this error.
    The option FolderSize gives the same error.

    I hope you can help me regarding this issue.

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