Update: AAD Connect Network Communications Test

Update: AAD Connect Network Communications Test

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A new year, a new test!

While troubleshooting a few installation and update issues, I noticed that the endpoints list was a smidgen out of date, so I’ve updated that.  For this update, I attached Fiddler (http://www.telerik.com/Fiddler) to my system and performed the install, checking for new endpoints, and then merged it with updates from the public IP/URL list.

Here’s the list of what’s changed:

  • Installation of Azure AD PowerShell module (if it’s not already installed and you’re using the AzureADCredential Check)
  • Construct a new endpoint to add to the Seamless SSO endpoint list using <tenant guid>.registration.appproxy.net
  • Big update for DOD/GCC High Azure AD endpoint list (by “big,” I mean added 4 endpoints)
  • Added Windows2016Forest mode to System Configuration function.
  • Ensured Windows Server 2019 OS/SKU version checks return correctly.
  • Cleaned up some error handling code.

I decided to leave the endpoints I removed in the script, just commented out so we can go back to them if needed. 🙂

You can go get the new update the same place where the old one was: http://aka.ms/aadnetwork

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