Add A SharePoint Server Farm Admin Farm-Wide

Add A SharePoint Server Farm Admin Farm-Wide

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I was installing a new SharePoint Server 2019 farm and after applying all updates and configuring the SharePoint Products Wizard, I restarted my servers a final time and logged on, only to find that I couldn’t access the SharePoint Products Wizard anymore.

I was receiving an “Access Denied” error when trying to connect to the SharePoint Configuration Database.  After scratching my head for a while, I realized I had added a  local account to the Farm Administrator instead of my  domain account.

Fortunately, there was a reasonably easy fix.  We’ve got it documented at, but of course, there’s stuff that we leave out.  This is how I solved that problem.

  1. Launch SharePoint Management Shell using RunAs Other User and enter the credentials of a current farm administrator (in this case, my local account).
  2. Copy/paste this bad boy:
    Function New-FarmAdmin ([string]$Identity,[switch]$IncludeAllContentDatabases)
       $CentralAdminWebApp = Get-SPWebApplication –IncludeCentralAdministration | ? {$_.DisplayName –like "SharePoint Central Administration*"}
       New-SPUser –UserAlias $Identity –Web $CentralAdminWebApp.URL –Group "Farm Administrators"
       $CentralAdminContentDB = Get-SPContentDatabase –WebApplication $CentralAdminWebApp
       Add-SPShellAdmin -Database $CentralAdminContentDB -Username $Identity
       If ($IncludeAllContentDatabases)
          $ContentDatabases = Get-SPContentDatabase
          Foreach ($Database in $ContentDatabases) 
             Add-SPShellAdmin -Database $Database -Username $Identity
  3. Run New-FarmAdmin -Identity <DOMAIN\Username> -IncludeAllContentDatabases
  4. Celebrate.  Beer optional.

Happy Farming!


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