Update to AAD Network Communications Test

Update to AAD Network Communications Test

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This week, I’ve got a few updates for the AAD Network Communications Test!

  • I’ve moved it to the PowerShell Gallery.  You can now install it with PowerShellGet by using the command:
    Install-Script -Name AADConnect-CommunicationsTest
  • I’ve updated the GCC High and DOD endpoints to the best of my ability (I’m always looking for feedback on this, so if you have new endpoints, be sure to connect with me!)
  • I’ve added a check for Read-Only Domain Controllers in the current site.  RODCs aren’t permitted for write-back operations (it’s kind of in the name), so if you are going to configure password write-back, Exchange Hybrid write-back, or Office 365 Group write-back, those operations will fail.  Additionally, if you’re going to configure password hash synchronization, your operations will run into problems if you don’t put all of the users in the replicate passwords group, so … as a rule, just don’t use RODCs as part of your AAD Connect topology.

I’ve updated the short link to the new PowerShell gallery destination, too: http://aka.ms/aadnetwork now goes to https://www.powershellgallery.com/packages/AADConnect-CommunicationsTest.

Keep syncing!

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