Workflow Automation with Microsoft Power Automate

Workflow Automation with Microsoft Power Automate

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As many of you know, I recently published a Power Automate book that focuses on beginner concepts.  I wanted to go ahead and make a small sample of that available.

Here, you can find a fun chapter to connect Power Automate and Forms!

You can pick it up at Amazon here:

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  1. Hi Aaron!

    Do you know if there’s a way for running a PS1 script by using any of the free options with PowerAutomate. You may not believe this but one of our customers is asking for setting a customized Out-of-Office message depending on the day of the week (like an auto-responder machine).
    I’ve accomplished that with PowerShell (not a big deal actually). However, the automation part is what I have missing as right now I’m running that PS script from Monday to Friday (every week day).

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