Update: Dynamics 365 Network Testing Tool

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Post Technet Gallery requirement, I’ve been slowly going through my tools and updating them for the PowerShell Gallery.  I came across this tool I built for troubleshooting a deployment at a customer a few years ago and immediately dove into updating it with new endpoints.

It works the same as it always has–just specify a target or operating environment to test against:

.\DynamicsNetworkTest.ps1 -OnlineEndPoints <[NA | SA | EMEA | APAC | JP | IN | CA | USGOV | Oceania | UK]>

One of the new endpoints I added for each region was the test.crm#.dynamics.com endpoint to try to get an attempt to connect to a regional instance.  Let me know how that works out!

I’ve also updated the short URL (https://aka.ms/dynamicstest) to point to the new PowerShell Gallery location.


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