Content pulled back from the memory hole

Content pulled back from the memory hole

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I decided to go for a walk down nostalgia lane–while I love to talk about new stuff that we’re doing here at Microsoft, I also like to reminisce about the earlier times in my career–especially when I first started tech blogging.

For me, blogging has always had several goals:

  • help me remember something by writing it down
  • help me find solutions I’ve implemented without having to sift through paper notes or remembering where I wrote it down
  • help others in the community learn from my experiences
  • learn from the comments others make
  • internet fame

While the internet fame part hasn’t happened yet (at this point, maybe I should consider a PowerShell TikTok or something), blogging has fulfilled all of those other goals quite handily.

As such, I came across one of my old blogs when I first started on blogger so many years ago, and decided to consolidate that content into this blog.  It’s only 34 posts, but if you want to learn how to set up TFTP, perform a password recovery on a PIX firewall, or some MD3000i tips, it may be the place for you. 🙂

You can browse through by going to the archive widget on the sidebar, and poking around anything earlier than 2014.

Happy memories!

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Helping companies conquer inferior technology since 1997. I spend my time developing and implementing technology solutions so people can spend less time with technology. Specialties: Active Directory and Exchange consulting and deployment, Virtualization, Disaster Recovery, Office 365, datacenter migration/consolidation, cheese.

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