Removing on-premises proxy address on the way to the cloud

Removing on-premises proxy address on the way to the cloud

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Several years ago, I wrote a script and a blog post to help customers use AAD Connect to strip out proxy addresses during the synchronization process.  The goal was to keep the on-premises AD proxyAddresses attribute for users untouched, as it was needed for other applications and communication on-premises.

I updated it a few years afterwards for several very large customers who had a similar requirement, only instead of just removing a single proxyAddress pattern, they needed to remove lots.  Since you can only have one transform on an attribute at a time, I had to combine multiple actions into a single rule.

This was all chugging along merrily until we sunsetted the TechNet Gallery.

[sad trombone]

So, at the behest of two of my coworkers, I’ve re-published this script so that a new generation of customers can continue to programmatically delete things. 😉

To install, you can simply run:

Install-Script -Name New-AADConnectRuleRemoveProxy

on your AAD Connect Server and then run it. Woot!

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