Manual OAuth Configuration for Microsoft Teams in a Hybrid Scenario

There are times when your organization (or a customer’s organization) just can’t run the Exchange Hybrid Configuration Wizard.  If you’re embarking on one of our strategies to take advantage of Microsoft Teams while your mailboxes are still on-premises, the Exchange Hybrid configuration is the go-to way to get there, since it sets all this stuff up automatically. … [ Continue reading ]


Keep calm and SendAs a Proxy Address

I’m gonna channel the great Etta James:

Ok, I’m back.

I’ve been waiting for this feature for what seems like an eternity–the ability for a mailbox that has multiple proxy addresses to send from any of those addresses.


As most of you probably know, a mailbox can have a whole lot of additional SMTP addresses associated with it (a mailbox can have up to 400 proxy addresses stamped on it). … [ Continue reading ]


Requiring multifactor authentication for all Teams users not on trusted networks


This week, I’m exploring some of the basics of Conditional Access and using it with Microsoft Teams.

In the “legacy” world (the term we attach to most things that aren’t bleeding edge these days), we typically saw organizations build the high, high walls and dig the deep, deep moats (and occasionally fill them with alligators) to keep the bad guys out.… [ Continue reading ]


Building a SharePoint Video Portal – Approval Processing with Power Automate

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Building a SharePoint Video Portal

Finally–we’re to the good stuff!

In the first part of this series, we talked about setting the stage with the requirements, and then went on to create the basic staging and production sites, update the retention policies to exclude the staging site, and configure the taxonomy.… [ Continue reading ]


Building a SharePoint Video Portal – Site Customization

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Building a SharePoint Video Portal

In my previous post on building a video portal with approvals, we started the necessary steps to build an internal video portal for SharePoint online. ICYMI, the things we covered:

  • Business problem
  • Creating production and staging sites
  • Excluding the staging site from the retention policies
  • Configuring the SharePoint taxonomy and term sets

We’re going to continue on in this post with the site customization.… [ Continue reading ]


Building a SharePoint Video Portal

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Building a SharePoint Video Portal

A few weeks ago, a customer asked me for some recommendations around building and curating a video portal for SharePoint Online content.  Normally, we’d look at a Microsoft Stream-based solution, but given the upcoming changes to Stream and the customer’s requirements around content retention and approvals, I thought that maybe another avenue was more appropriate.… [ Continue reading ]


Wipe-ExchangeOnlineMailbox has moved!

Just a quick post today–I’ve re-published my Wipe-ExchangeOnlineMailbox script to the PowerShell gallery.

Hopefully, this helps everyone who continues to want to use this script.  Good luck!

And, if you accidentally delete too much stuff, be sure to check out my post about recovering from self-inflicted wounds: Using Restore-RecoverableItems, or “how I saved my own bacon”

 … [ Continue reading ]

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