Fun with PIX, Part Deux : PIX Password Recovery

After getting my PIX to boot in my previous post, I decided to run through the password recovery procedures.


  • PIX recovery images (available from either the Cisco site individually or here in one ZIP file)
  • PIX firewall software version
  • TFTP server software (I used the TFTP server included in the PacketTrap pt360 Suite in this exercise)
  • Terminal Emulator (I typically use PuTTY)


  1. Connect Ethernet 0 on the PIX to your local LAN.
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Troubleshooting 0xc0190036 Errors on Windows Vista / Windows 2008

This morning, I found myself in the unfortunate circumstance of the dreaded 0xc0190036 error. There is not a lot of information about this particular error code. It is, in fact, related to inaccessible or corrupt files.

During an update process, many files are flagged for replacement during the next system boot–that way, the system can keep running until the next convenient restart.… [ Continue reading ]