Quick-and-dirty Catch-All Mailbox for GCC Channel Meeting Invitations

It’s well-known that our Government Community Cloud instance of Office 365 doesn’t support emailing a channel.  This can be problematic when you are attempting to schedule a channel meeting and include recipients not on the platform.  What ends up happening is the recipient can actually receive an NDR (because they can’t send the meeting acceptance back to the channel).… [ Continue reading ]


Finding Active Directory Duplicates Preventing Azure AD Synchronization

As you’ve possibly seen in a previous post from a few years back, I wrote a tool specifically to identify a gap in our IDFix tool (namely, the inability to identify which objects were duplicates across one or more forests).

I stumbled across the need for it a few days ago while trying to help someone locate an Azure AD Connect export error. … [ Continue reading ]


Resolving Publish-PSArtifactUtility : Failed to generate the compressed file for script ‘C:\Program Files\dotnet\dotnet.exe failed to pack: error

Since we had announced the retirement of the TechNet gallery last year, I’ve been slowly moving my scripts to the PowerShell gallery.  I haven’t posted any new scripts in a couple of months and wrote a new one today.  Uploading a script to the PowerShell Gallery typically requires using the Publish-Script cmdlet in conjunction with an API key.… [ Continue reading ]


AAD Connect Error: Azure Service Connectivity Failed (subtitled: Verify, then trust)

This week, while helping a customer onboard to Azure AD Connect, we ran into an interesting error:

Azure Service Connectivity Failed, Unable to proceed
The on-premises synchronization service is not able to connect to Azure Active Directory. Updating the proxy settings for the ADSync service account may resolve this issue.[ Continue reading ]


Update: AAD Connect Network Communications Test

A new year, a new test!

While troubleshooting a few installation and update issues, I noticed that the endpoints list was a smidgen out of date, so I’ve updated that.  For this update, I attached Fiddler ( to my system and performed the install, checking for new endpoints, and then merged it with updates from the public IP/URL list.… [ Continue reading ]