Troubleshooting 0xc0190036 Errors on Windows Vista / Windows 2008

This morning, I found myself in the unfortunate circumstance of the dreaded 0xc0190036 error. There is not a lot of information about this particular error code. It is, in fact, related to inaccessible or corrupt files.

During an update process, many files are flagged for replacement during the next system boot–that way, the system can keep running until the next convenient restart.… [ Continue reading ]


Dell DRAC Virtual Media Plugin Problems


  • Trying to access the “Virtual Media” section of a DRAC console
  • Client is Windows 2008
  • When accessing “Virtual Media,” get prompted to accept ActiveX control; accept, and get redirected to login page


  1. Open Internet Explorer, Tools > Internet Options; select Intranet, and select “Automatically detect Intranet network”
  2. Open %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.
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Configuring Windows 2003 DHCP for PXE Clients

Today, I was lending a hand to one of our Linux admins who was trying to get his servers Kickstarted. For the uninitiated, Kickstart is the Linux equivalent to Windows RIS.

PXE stands for Pre-boot eXecution Environment. PXE clients (commonly known as “diskless workstations”) rely on DHCP to tell them where to go for their boot configuration and software.… [ Continue reading ]