Checking for compromised email accounts

Yesterday, I participated in an escalation for a customer where one or more users had been successfully phished and had given up their credentials.  While we were walking through some remediation steps, we started a discussion about data exfiltration attempts.

Many moons ago, I put together a few scripts that can be used to check mailbox forwarding and transport rule forwarding configurations, specifically looking for actions that send mail (forward, redirect, bcc) to recipients outside of the domains verified in your tenant. … [ Continue reading ]


Connecting Splunk to Office 365 – Part 2: Microsoft Office 365 Reporting Add-On for Splunk

In Part 1 of this blog series, I went through the setup of the Splunk Add-On for Microsoft Cloud Services, which you can use to extract, query, and analyze data provided by the Office 365 Management Activity API.  In this particular post, we’re going to explore the Microsoft Office 365 Reporting Add-On for Splunk, which you can use to review message trace data from Office 365.… [ Continue reading ]