Alerting on OneDrive Deleted Item Activity

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I had a customer recently raise some questions about how to provide further enhancements and protections around their OneDrive for Business deployments.  Suppose this scenario exists:

  • Users are site collection administrators over their OneDrive for Business sites (default configuration)
  • Retention policies are configured, but may only be configured to provide a very minimal amount of data protection (such as 90 days from creation or last modification of data) due to organizational legal compliance
  • No retention policies are in effect for the target data (as all the data we’re concerned with is technically older than 90 day creation or last modified date)
  • Malicious or disgruntled user deletes OneDrive data
    • Deletes data in OneDrive
    • Empties recycle bin
    • Empties second stage recycle bin

At this point, for any data older than 90 days, it is lost.… [ Continue reading ]

Adding OneDrive Locations to an Existing Retention Policy

Adding OneDrive Locations to an Existing Retention Policy

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Yesterday, while working with a customer, I was asked if there is a way to programmatically add OneDrive locations to an existing retention policy.  Say, for example, you have a blanket retention policy that covers all of your tenant at a base level (which is what I typically recommend to ensure you at least have either belt or suspenders), but then you have a second set of users that need a longer policy.… [ Continue reading ]

Update to the OneDrive for Business Admin Tool

Update to the OneDrive for Business Admin Tool

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Over the past several months, I’ve slowly been adding features to the OneDrive for Business Admin Tool (you can read about the previous updates and features here, here, and here).  Earlier this week, one of my peers asked if I knew of an easy way for a customer to search OneDrive for Business sites and delete all files of a certain type (say, video files).… [ Continue reading ]

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