Some of the many ways to Export Outlook Contacts

Just had this come up, so I thought I’d post it for whoever else needs to hear this.  I can quickly think of three ways to do this: One using Outlook, one using PowerShell, and one using both.

Since you came to my blog, you’re probably most interested in figuring out how to get PowerShell to do the dirty work for you without interacting with the user. [ Continue reading ]


Disconnect all PSTs from the Default Outlook Profile

Today, one of my consultant peers posed a problem to me: a customer wanted to import all PSTs into Office 365 archives, but in order to do that, had to disconnect them from the user’s default Outlook profile.

Fortunately, you can expose a number of methods and properties from the Outlook ComObject inside PowerShell, so this wasn’t terribly difficult (although, I’m still trying to figure out how to do this against all Outlook profiles configured).… [ Continue reading ]