Tern around: Concise PowerShell Ternary Operators

Tern around: Concise PowerShell Ternary Operators

I’m writing this down because…

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I will forget it.

I was reviewing someone else’s code that was largely full of common if/then statements and then stumbled across a solitary instance of a ternary statement.

It took me a while to decipher since the ternary evaluation happened as an argument for a cmdlet–definitely limiting its readability. … [ Continue reading ]

Update to Find-DuplicateValues script

Update to Find-DuplicateValues script

Hey! As we enter the waning days of summer, I wanted to update a tool that I’ve had sitting around for a while.

Years ago, when I was in Microsoft Consulting Services, I ran into one particular customer that had manually populated the mail property of thousands of service accounts, groups, vendor accounts, and contacts–not with the object or user’s individual email address, but with the email address of the person who managed the AD object. … [ Continue reading ]

Wipe-ExchangeOnlineMailbox has moved!

Wipe-ExchangeOnlineMailbox has moved!

Just a quick post today–I’ve re-published my Wipe-ExchangeOnlineMailbox script to the PowerShell gallery.

Hopefully, this helps everyone who continues to want to use this script.  Good luck!

And, if you accidentally delete too much stuff, be sure to check out my post about recovering from self-inflicted wounds: Using Restore-RecoverableItems, or “how I saved my own bacon”

 … [ Continue reading ]