Manual OAuth Configuration for Microsoft Teams in a Hybrid Scenario

There are times when your organization (or a customer’s organization) just can’t run the Exchange Hybrid Configuration Wizard.  If you’re embarking on one of our strategies to take advantage of Microsoft Teams while your mailboxes are still on-premises, the Exchange Hybrid configuration is the go-to way to get there, since it sets all this stuff up automatically. … [ Continue reading ]


Cross-tenant Collaboration with Connected Organizations and Azure AD Entitlements – Hands On!

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Connected Organizations

Now that we’ve configured the nuts and bolts of a connected organization, catalog, and access package, let’s take a look at the user experience!

If you missed out on that excitement, go back to that post 🙂

In this thrilling installment, we’re going to take the My Access portal link that was the result of the last post and distribute that to users in remote tenant. … [ Continue reading ]


Configure Teams to Co-exist with Google Workspace

With the rise of stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19 over the past several weeks (now turned months), I’ve engaged with many customers who want to use Microsoft Teams to as part of their work-from-home tool set.  Many of my customers have investments in both Microsoft Office 365 as well as Google G Suite Workspace or Google Apps (frequently with other third-party IdP, metadirectory, and federation services thrown in the mix), so it’s not always just as easy as “flipping a switch.”… [ Continue reading ]


Creating a Teams “New Channel” notification

One of my customers recently asked for a solution to checking a particular Microsoft Team multiple times a day for new channel additions.  In their organization, someone is responsible for creating a new channel every time new item for review is published, and then all of the communications, files, and data related to that item is stored in that particular time.… [ Continue reading ]