AAD Connect Phone/Fax Mappings

AAD Connect Phone/Fax Mappings

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Yesterday, while working with my colleague Michael Anderson, I needed to investigate where a particular on-premises value was being synced in AAD.  The result is this table:

AD Property Get-MsolUser Get-AzureADUser Get-User Get-CSOnlineUser
Friendly name ldapDisplayName
Telephone number telephoneNumber PhoneNumber TelephoneNumber Phone Phone
Pager pager Pager
Mobile mobile MobilePhone Fax MobilePhone
Fax facsimileTelephoneNumber Fax FacsimileTelephoneNumber Fax Fax
IP Phone ipPhone IPPhone
Home homePhone HomePhone HomePhone
{otherMobile} {AlternateMobilePhones}
{otherHomePhone} {OtherHomePhone}
{otherFacsimileTelphoneNumber} {OtherFax}
{otherTelephone} {OtherTelephone} {OtherTelephone}

It’s important to note that values displayed in braces { } are multivalued attributes, so if there’s something stored in one on-premises that you need or want to map to a a different attribute in Azure AD, you’ll need to either map it to another multivalued attribute or extract the value so you can write it to a single-valued string attribute.  I have a quick guide on how to do that here: https://www.undocumented-features.com/2020/05/13/use-an-msexchextensioncustom-attribute-in-exchange-online/ 

Why Get-User?  Different properties will show up in Get-Recipient, Get-MailUser, and Get-MailboxGet-User will show all of them that are forward-synced into the Exchange service.

The two AAD Connect Synchronization Rules that handle most of these flows are (default) In from AD – User Common (105) and In from AD – User Common Exchange (106):

That’s it for this round of “where is my attribute?”

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