AAD Connect Phone/Fax Mappings

AAD Connect Phone/Fax Mappings

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Yesterday, while working with my colleague Michael Anderson, I needed to investigate where a particular on-premises value was being synced in AAD.  The result is this table:

AD PropertyGet-MsolUserGet-AzureADUserGet-UserGet-CSOnlineUser
Friendly nameldapDisplayName
Telephone numbertelephoneNumberPhoneNumberTelephoneNumberPhonePhone
IP PhoneipPhoneIPPhone

It’s important to note that values displayed in braces { } are multivalued attributes, so if there’s something stored in one on-premises that you need or want to map to a a different attribute in Azure AD, you’ll need to either map it to another multivalued attribute or extract the value so you can write it to a single-valued string attribute.  I have a quick guide on how to do that here: https://www.undocumented-features.com/2020/05/13/use-an-msexchextensioncustom-attribute-in-exchange-online/ 

Why Get-User?  Different properties will show up in Get-Recipient, Get-MailUser, and Get-MailboxGet-User will show all of them that are forward-synced into the Exchange service.

The two AAD Connect Synchronization Rules that handle most of these flows are (default) In from AD – User Common (105) and In from AD – User Common Exchange (106):
AAD Connect Phone/Fax Mappings

That’s it for this round of “where is my attribute?”

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