Storing PowerShell Credentials in the local user registry

Storing PowerShell Credentials in the local user registry
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From time to time, it may be necessary to save credentials for automating some portion of a script or function. Here is a method to save and retrieve those credentials as a secure string from the current user’s registry hive as opposed to saving them in plain text or as a secure string in a file. … [ Continue reading ]


Configure Coexistence Mail Routing without a Secondary Routing Domain

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Recently, I had to work with a customer whose existing mail host was (surprise) not excited to configure a secondary domain for us to help migrate out of the hosted environment.

To give a little background, when we configure a traditional hybrid environment (I love using those terms together), we are configuring two disparate environments to share a single address space. … [ Continue reading ]


Manually configure Outlook for Office 365

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In case you ever need to configure Outlook for an Office 365 tenant that *does not* have AutoDiscover records published, here is how to do it.

1.      Log into PowerShell for tenant and run the following command:
Get-Recipient | Select-Object Identity,Mail,ExchangeGuid | Export-Csv .\recipientlist.csv

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